Smoked Sausage

Since 1941 Carolina Packers has been producing a variety of great foods, including sausages, bologna, chili, Red Hots, and our famous Bright Leaf Red Hot Dogs. Our products have long been a favorite for folks in the central region of North Carolina and a growing customer base beyond. You’ll find our Bright Leaf brand available through food vendors and restaurants as well as local grocery stores and chains.

Our Bright Leaf Smoked Sausage is a ground pork sausage in a natural casing, traditionally seasoned, fully cooked and unlike many other smoked sausages, we use authentic hickory wood chips to give our smoked sausage that real wood flavor. It makes a delicious southern favorite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has also become a favorite cookout companion to our hot dogs, hot off the grill.

Our smoked sausage is available in two varieties – an old fashioned, coarsely ground smoked sausage in a natural casing, and a sausage dog, which has a finer grind and is skinless. The Old Fashioned Smoked Sausage is available in a 5 count size, which refers to the number of sausages per pound, in both retail and bulk packaging. The Skinless Bright Leaf Sausage Dog is available only in bulk packaging, in 5 count and 8 count sizes.

Product Information
Old Fashioned Smoked Sausage (natural casing)

Retail Packages (all pork)
Item 616
16 oz vacuum package
12 pkg/case
Bulk Smoked Sausage (all pork)
Item 605
5 lbs
About 23 links/case

Bright Leaf Sausage Dog (aka Large Skinless)

Bulk Large Smoked Sausage
Item 620
5 ct.
10 lbs
About 50 sausage dogs/case